Josh broke his thumb/ New single coming soon 

No rock for Josh as he heals from a broken thumb for the next 4 to 6 weeks. In better news, the band will be releasing a brand new single in the near future. 

Currently listening to:

The Longshot "Body Bag"

Weezer  "Susanne"

Sahara Hotnights  "Getting away with Murder"


Redwood show to be rescheduled 

Our show at The Redwood on Feb. 25 is being rescheduled. New date soon. Bummer.


Listening to:

"You only live once" by The Strokes

"Pin" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

"Surfer Girl" by The Beach Boys

"Gone Home" by The Spook School

"Somebody's Child by The Routes

Dec. 1 "REBEL" out now 

Rebel Star is now available everywhere...iTunes, Google play, Spotify, etc. etc etc...and right here!Nov. 30 @ The Redwood DTLA  Photo: Sunshine Eckstrom

New Album: REBEL STAR out Nov. 30 

Rebel Star, the new album from The Suite will be available on CD and digitally on Thursday, Nov. 30th. That night we will be playing live at The Redwood in downtown LA. 

Rock n' Roll

Live @ The Redwood Nov. 30 

We will be playing live at The Redwood in downtown LA on Thursday, Nov. 30th.

Joining us will be The Ex-Gentlemen, The Singles, and The Paper Hearts.

Album release date coming soon.

The sUiTe

Currently listening to:

"Waking up"  Elastica
"Sparky's Dream"  Teenage Fanclub

"Hate to say I told you so"  The Hives
"No one sleeps while I'm awake"  The Sounds
The upcoming album by The Suite



"Rebel" on Goldie's Garage May 19 

Genya Raven will spin Rebel Star in the Underground Garage Friday night! Super stoked (yeah, STOKED) to be on such a killer radio show! SiriusXM ch. 21 and 100.3 The Sound in LA. 

3-5-17 Album News & Live Rock n' Roll 

Tracking of the new album is moving toward completion. We are up to 17 songs and of those we will pick the best 10 or so. It's been a fantastic winter spent writing and recording new music. It seems like everything is captured in photos and videos these days, but when we are recording the last thing I want to do is take silly pictures. I'll try and do better. So yeah, still no hard date as to when the record will be ready, but we are steadily moving in that direction. The first release from the record, Rebel Star, has been pretty well received (I think). We are super proud of it, I know that. The song will also be played on "Goldie's Garage", a show on Little Steven's Underground Garage radio show. They are gonna spin it in May, so that's pretty damn cool! 

On the live front, Justin Chester from Johnny Madcap and The Distractions has joined The Suite on the bass guitar. It's been a blast rehearsing again and we can't wait to get back out there and lay it down. Rock n' Roll has never been more underground than it is right now, and honestly, I'm fine with that. Give me a room and 20 like minded folks who love guitars, drums and melody and we will have succeeded. It's supposed to be fun. Life is to short for it not to be.

Currently listening to:
"Loneliest City of All"  -Sahara Hotnights
"High Time- Grandpa Boy" - Paul Westerberg
"Here in My Hands" - Johnny Madcap and The Distractions
"Lock All the Doors" - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
"Who Needs You" - The Orwells

Ripper is listening to the songs from the BMX movie "Rad" by John Farnham.

Justin is listening to The Plimsouls and any and all Swedish bands.


Rebel Star now in stores 

The new song Rebel Star is now in online stores. If ya want a list and easy linkage click on that Distrokid banner to the right. 

New song: Rebel Star 

Welcome to the brand new website!

So here we are, partying like it's 2002 with a website and all that jazz. We originally were planning on having the record ready by January 1, but we just keep writing new songs... So the red light keeps flashing and we keep tracking. However, we did want to share a new track from the upcoming album. So happy holidays from The Suite, and make sure to wish upon a Rebel Star...
Rebel Star (Full length)
CD 2017

Rebel Star (Full length) CD 2017 $10